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Meet the Freedom Design Team

The designers who will help you turn your home visions into reality.

Gil Jorgensen

Gil Jorgensen

Gil Jorgensen, part owner, is the Vice President of Freedom Millwork’s custom millwork division, where he oversees the custom millwork shop, managing schedules, designing, selecting fabrication methods and materials, and coordinating closely with designers and outside sales teams. He also collaborates directly with clients to craft custom cabinetry and millwork solutions tailored to their needs.

Gil is passionate about every aspect of the project cycle, from design and material selection to fabrication and final installation. He especially enjoys designing smaller areas of a home like reading nooks or hidden doorways, where creativity and innovation shine.

Throughout his 30+ year career, Gil has learned that success lies in meticulous attention to detail. He measures success by the satisfaction of his clients, ensuring that every project is not only visually stunning but also functional and tailored to their needs. His strengths lie in his ability to listen attentively to clients’ desires and to design in a classic, timeless manner that withstands the ever-changing trends in the industry.

Gil is on the board of the New Jersey Chapter of the Architectural Woodworking Institute, where he promotes standards for cabinetry and millwork and promotes the education of students who are interested in woodworking. Outside of work, he enjoys time with his family and trips to the mountains.

April Clary

April Clary is a Senior Kitchen & Bath Designer at Freedom Millwork with a passion for crafting stunning spaces that elevate the heart of the home. With a background in interior design and over 28 years of experience, April’s expertise lies in seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, working closely with clients to bring their visions to life.

As a seasoned professional, April understands the importance of knowing one’s worth in the industry—a lesson she holds dear. An unexpected industry challenge she faced was navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, when she learned to embrace remote work tools to maintain close connections with clients while ensuring projects progressed efficiently.

April’s biggest value proposition to her clients is her wealth of knowledge and commitment to staying informed of industry changes and innovations, which she prepares for by bolstering her online presence and engaging in ongoing training and trade shows. Her professional achievements include being featured in Wolf Cabinetry’s Designer Spotlight. In her free time, April enjoys reading, aqua aerobics, and quality family time.

Patrick Hagerty

Patrick Hagerty is Freedom Millwork’s Senior Custom Cabinetry Designer. With over 24 years of experience working on commercial and residential home projects, Patrick assists clients in crafting custom built-in spaces, kitchens, and more. His passion lies in the challenge of bringing unique designs to life, relishing the variety of projects to keep things fresh and engaging. He particularly enjoys designing more unique areas of the home, like home offices and flex space areas.

Over his extensive career, Patrick has learned invaluable lessons such as the necessity of continuous learning and the importance of attention to detail, living by the adage, “measure three times; cut once”. He quantifies success not just by the outcome of his projects but also by the satisfaction and fulfillment of his clients. Patrick’s experience and dedication bring immense value to his clients, ensuring that each project receives the meticulous attention and expertise it deserves.

Lynette Walker

Lynette Walker

Lynette Walker is a Senior Kitchen & Bath Designer at Freedom Millwork with over 25 years of experience. She brings value to her clients through her extensive experience, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to customer satisfaction, working closely with clients to ensure their wants and needs are met in every project. She enjoys the challenges each new space presents and thrives on the creativity that design brings, particularly in crafting beautiful, cohesive spaces from scratch.

Lynette’s favorite area to design for is the kitchen, recognizing its central role as the heart of the home. She understands the importance of attentive listening and timely responses to clients, and she measures success through repeat business from contractors, architects, interior designers, and homeowners. She has found that design shows can sometimes set unrealistic expectations for clients, a challenge she navigates by thoroughly educating clients about the process and what to expect.

Always staying ahead of industry changes, Lynette keeps a keen eye on emerging design trends, drawing inspiration from European trends to anticipate what’s on the horizon for the US. In her free time, Lynette enjoys outdoor activities, motorcycle riding, and quality time with her husband and dog.