Too often overlooked or neglected, exterior and interior doors are some of the most compelling elements in any home.

Your front door is more than a simple entranceway. It’s an invitation. It’s an expression. So why not welcome inside your friends, family and other guests with class? Your front door is an opportunity to make a powerful and personal statement about your style and that of your home.

Your interior doors, meanwhile, are just as meaningful. Think of them as furniture pieces, just as representative of your esthetic leanings as any other. From turn of the century to art deco to mid-century to contemporary, they tell a story. Your story.

Interior doors have a voice and communicate much about who you are. Together, we can ensure they make the best possible impression.

At Freedom Millwork, we can deliver many interior doors as pre-hung units. What does that mean? Noticeably better quality and control over the process. From lockable bedroom or bathroom privacy doors to linen-closet or study passage doors, we’ll outfit your doors with as much care as we crafted them.