5 Bathroom Trends to Inspire You in 2023

We all love the idea of the bathroom as a private retreat that can be restful and refreshing, where you can enjoy some solitude and ease away the cares of the day. At the same time, your bathroom needs to be functional and practical enough to meet your and your family’s needs. If you are planning to renovate, remodel, or simply refresh your bathroom, you’re going to want to know the latest bathroom design trends we’re tracking at Freedom Millwork. Here are our top five bathroom inspiration tips for 2023:

Natural Materials

The clinical, sterile, all-white look is making way for warmer and more inviting aesthetics. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble are experiencing a revival, bringing a less formal style to bathrooms. Thanks to their natural irregularities and imperfections, materials like tumbled, brushed, or honed stone and wood let you capture a warm and unique look. At Freedom Millwork, we’re seeing more natural wood cabinetry for bathroom vanities and storage alongside natural stone and terrazzo.

Some have dubbed this trend towards slatted wood, black wood stains, and more natural elements and shapes ” Japandi” as Japanese and Scandinavian styles merge. Whatever you call it, it’s a terrific way to bring the peace and harmony of the natural world into your bathroom.


Alongside natural materials, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all areas of design, and bathrooms are no exception. Look for energy-efficient bathroom fixtures and finishes made from sustainable materials such as recycled glass, bamboo, and wood.

Not only are these materials better for the environment, but they also add a unique touch of style to your bathroom. At Freedom Millwork, that’s one of the reasons we love to work with Farrow & Ball paints; the company focuses on high-quality ingredients, artisanal methods, and 100% water-based range of finishes. (And, of course, they have an incredible range of colors!)

Sharing Your Style With Color

Speaking of color, increasingly, we want our bathrooms to reflect our personal style as much as we do in the rest of the home. The move away from white toward more earthy colors such as beiges, browns, and greens can be an easy way to create a soothing mood and bring a natural feel into the space.

In 2023, the monochromatic approach is gaining popularity, with different shades of the same color in different areas of the bathroom. Mold- and mildew-resistant paint is now widely available in an extensive range of colors—Farrow & Ball has a wonderful selection, for example. From the softest creams to the deepest shades of red, orange, and green, you can express your style through color choice without compromising on functionality.


We need bathrooms that can adapt to our changing needs, and 2023 trends include fixtures and accessories that can be easily changed or updated as needed. Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are key, or consider customized vanities that are at the perfect height for your family. One of the easiest ways to increase flexibility is through custom-built storage solutions that can easily be rearranged to adapt to changing needs.

It also means the flexibility to give your bathroom a fresh look without overhauling the entire room. Updating one element—for example, refinishing your vanity in an exclusive new color from Farrow & Ball—or adding new doors and hardware for tired cabinetry could be just the lift your bathroom needs. Take a look at our finishing gallery to see the difference expert refinishing can make and some beautiful inspiration for your bathroom project.

Wellness-Focused Design

We’re all looking for ways to improve our health and well-being, and the bathroom can be a beautiful place to start. Consider incorporating features that promote relaxation and stress relief, such as soaking tubs, steam showers, comfortable furniture, and soundproofed spaces.

The wellness trend also includes more plants around the room and natural products like essential oils and bath salts to help create a more relaxing and wellness-focused bathroom environment.

We hope these bathroom inspiration tips have sparked your imagination and prompted you to consider how your bathroom can reflect your personal taste, complement your home, and cater to the needs of a busy family. Whether you’re seeking laid-back glamour, high-tech modernity, or timeless elegance, our expertise and design insights at Freedom Millwork can bring your bathroom dreams to life.

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