“Home” is that special word we use for the place where we make our lives. It’s infused with everything that makes us unique and connects us to those we hold most dear. It’s the fabric of our lives, the backdrop for our most precious memories, the place we go to feel safe, loved, and free.

Trust the Freedom family of companies to deliver the home of your dreams. Freedom Millwork, Freedom Finishing, and 6209 Design work together to design and build spaces where you can make memories, get work done, and care for those you love the most.

Project Showcase

Take a look at some of our many successful projects and you’ll see why builders, designers, architects, and homeowners choose Freedom to turn their visions into reality.

The Freedom Family

Through Freedom Millwork, Freedom Finishing, and 6209 Design, the Freedom family of companies provides everything you need to achieve the house of your dreams.


Our design professionals and craftsmen share their insights on transforming a house into a place you’re proud to call home.

We all love the idea of the bathroom as a private retreat that can be restful and refreshing, where you can enjoy some solitude and ease away the cares of the day. At the same time, your bathroom needs to be functional and practical enough to meet your and your family’s needs. If you are […]

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Clad windows, also known as clad-wood windows, are the perfect choice for homeowners who want a practical combination of style and functionality. These windows have a lovely wood interior that adds warmth and charm to your home, while the durable exterior cladding, made from materials like aluminum or fiberglass, protects them from the elements. Clad […]

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home—the place that naturally beckons family and friends. The best kitchens combine function and style, ensuring you have everything you need to prepare and serve meals plus all the elements that make this room an inviting haven, day in and day out. So, what’s the latest in kitchen […]

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